What if we could deepen our connection with our loved ones and shift the world for the better, one word at a time?

A place for them to do the same in return. Your heart on paper, shared with them. A note from you.

This box is inspired by my experience parenting two children who express themselves very differently. It is how we learned to communicate our love for one another on the challenging days as well as the joy-filled ones. It is a simple daily practice of giving and receiving love, of nurturing affection and encouragement, to connect human hearts with the written word so that nothing will ever be left unspoken.

Let them know that you are Always Write Here. It means even more when it's written down.

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  • "I am a working mom and wife of 3 kids. I often travel for my job and I love leaving my kids notes that they can find around the house and write me back. It’s a fun reminder that I am always with them."

    - Tina Blaser

  • “Jordan is just learning to read, write and spell well. The first note he got with Always Write Here, he was excited. He couldn’t wait to write one in return. Always Write Here makes it easy to write a note to those we care about.”

    -Regina Davis

  • "I've always loved the idea of notes in my kids lunches…. So when I saw this sweet little box with the note cards already made up.. I snatched one up! Just a little reminder to my kids how much I love them."

    - Sarah Frank