What if a few moments each day could help us to connect with our children for a lifetime?

The concept behind Always Write Here is simple: to connect human hearts through the written word with daily notes shared with those we love, so that nothing will ever be left unspoken.

Parenting two beautiful, brilliant and strong-willed kids during the pandemic, I saw a need for a tool to remind myself to choose my words intentionally, while reminding them that no matter the challenges we face each day and the frustrations that invariably arise, my love, support and encouragement are unwavering.

50 double-sided note cards in a beautiful, archival box, the power of Always Write Here is in its simplicity. It is a daily nudge to take a moment to connect with those closest to us, to write down on what side what is in our hearts, and to encourage them to do the same on the other, so that the words we know will mean the most are the ones that last. It is a way to capture and remember not just the big, flashy moments, but the smaller, intimate ones too.

My hope is that using these note cards will become a habit that sparks conversation, creates memories for years to come, and reminds those we love that we are Always Write Here.